The NTP project has come into the prerelease stage. Becasue of the size of the source it was no longer possible to use BBC-BASIC for that. I went to beebasm. I have send the source to roland so perhaps you can update the firmware in the near future with the *UPDATE command. Untill then you need SWRAM and a way to get the binary into SW-RAM. Pleaae note the source not optimised for speed and size and still a bit under development.
Update 3 July 2023. On request the text is presented in the standard "DDD,dd mmm yyyy.hh:mm:ss" format this includes the day of the week.
Update 5 July 2023. A fellow member of the Big Ben Club popped up with some code suggestions which made the code for the string generation much shorter. Please note that the NTP disc has not been updated
Update 14 July 2023. NTP OS_Word 14 now returns BCD code as specified. Some shorter code.